Material things

Please allow me to be a bit materialistic here. I wanted to tell you about a few items that I've been enjoying in that last few weeks of fall. They're what you might call the tomboy's makeup..for the lazy at heart. As well as a pair of shoes..

Also shout out to this chair and our newly painted living room. I'm glad we bought it for twenty bucks from ikea for all my photoshoot needs, as well as the pleasure I had watching my husband build it one night when people were coming over. 


These clogs. They are the only heel-like thing I own. I have been pursuing the clog life for a while now. By random and happy circumstances, I snagged a pair on sale downtown one night (it makes for really beautiful evening when your husband says yes, let's go get those clogs I know you want even though I just got off work). They've given me blisters so far, but I'm keep on keepin on (socks work miracles). They're really helping me with that art teacher aesthetic I never knew I wanted to embody. 

*a word about heels (or anything that makes a noise when you walk). I really struggle with their noise. They feel like a cry for attention, and although I love them to death, I feel embarrassed the whole time I clack by people. Does anyone else struggle with this heel-enduced anxiety?

crab and ev

This little lotion makes me laugh. Never in a million years would I either think to buy from Crabtree and Evelyn (preconceived teenage thoughts) nor consider their prices a thing viable in my life. I was in there a couple weekends ago shopping for my sister who swears by the stuff (Jess, this is how much I love you), and the sales lady looked deep into my soul and said, "we're having a sale where you buy two things and get a third for free. There's a wedding I should be at right now. Anyway, you should get your sister two lotions and keep the third for yourself. It was either pay my tax bill or go to the wedding. I should be there right now." Yeah, she won. And I left on a first name basis. Thanks, lady. I chose mine based on the packaging since they all smelled so nice. Since we don't have a dishwasher in our new place, this stuff is nice to have around.


Nothing special with this guy. Picked him up in celebration of getting rid of a cold sore that lasted forever. Blueberry and dark chocolate. Oddly, it sometimes gets me through the work day.


This is the realest makeup-y thing I've ever owned. Guess how much it cost? ONE DOLLAR. We went to a wedding last weekend and I texted a couple of my best friends (who also are makeup experts and have spent a lifetime effort helping me do things like wear lipstick) frantically a few hours before the wedding and said, "help! What can I buy for cheap from Target that's really easy to use and will make me look a little fancier?" They pointed me to this stuff, by elf, which I guess is a cool and cheap line that Target has (okay maybe everyone reading this already knows that but me). Who does want to use something called "shimmering facial whip"?


Thanks for indulging me in a little chat about my material life. A girl's gotta have her essentials, you know? Okay, clogs may not be essentials, but they are certainly important for the balanced wardrobe. Anywho, I hope to be back soon with something more substantial to say. In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying your fall. It's hands down the best time of year.