We Moved!

"Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely."-unknown

morning chemex

I was going to tell you that we were planning to move, but then it just sort of happened and now here we are. Mind you, we are two fresh, brand new nights in with very few items unpacked, but we are living in a home now! It has real individual rooms, and we almost don't know what to do with ourselves. Yes, because it's such a wonderful adjustment to embrace, but also because we are totally paralyzed by how very little energy we have to think about it. It's a little bit been a moving weekend from hell, including several swear words (ugh I really thought I could live a swear-less life as a weird well-meaning teenager), spilling melted ice cream on my foot, spilling Gatorade in our car, navigating in and out of several terse communications with my husband (I promise this is meant to make you laugh and not be concerned about us), and resultantly, a lot of poor food choices (the snack wraps at McDonalds are NOT for the faint of heart). I will say though, our survival mode tactics have included a lot of binging on The Office and eating funfetti cake, which I'd pretty much do for the rest of my life if I could. 

Those last two photos are from our first morning waking up there, upon which John rose while I was sleeping. He urged me not to leave the bed when I noticed him leaving, and came back with a "Breakfast is ready. Will you make us some coffee?" He made espresso chip pancakes, my latest Pinterest fascination, and thus I say: this man has been married to me for almost two years. He knows what he's doing. At least breakfast-wise, which for me, is really all that matters.

I really will give you the real deal sort of "we moved" post a bit later, once we feel less insane and it makes more sense. Is it bad that I don't want to give you a real virtual tour until things look how I want them to? I know that's that sort of internet censorship that I don't usually like to support, and typically (to an extent) I'd like to show you the imperfect parts of all this over here. But this whole move deal feels a little different, and I think I'd rather have you know my singular-colored home rather than the intense primary rainbow it is right now. I know it'll never be perfect, which is completely fine, but I just wanted to you know I'm leaving you in the dark a little this time around.

Can I just tell you about our past week? We took shelter at my parents house for a week and it was an unexpected luxury. Tranquility, accompanied by the smell of hazelnut coffee (I may be a coffee snob but I will always allow my mom her love of flavored coffee), with a little bit of cable TV on the side (John's FAVORITE part). There were also a few lists that showed up on our bed a couple of mornings (this right here is my mother's signature), which is altogether a hilarious, beautiful thing in itself. John jokes about being haunted by my mom's lists, even though they were what helped us plan and execute a successful, awesome wedding (almost two years ago!), mainly because they made sure he never had a moment that was without something to do. Anyway, my mom's lists made a comeback this week, accompanying us in our move, and boy am I thankful for them. I know John's feeling for them well though, and can appreciate it. I definitely inherited that gene so the reality is neither of us will ever escape those lists. 

My parents keep some pretty lovely gardens living in their front and back yard, and in the past couple of years it's been a bit sad but humorous time watching them have an actual fight with the local wildlife that live on their property. This summer my mom has been extra protective of one of her favorite plants, her "moon" plants which supposedly blossom in the night. I noticed upon our stay with them this week that two tiny fences were made around the two moons plants in the front garden, only to discover my mom is legitimately sparring with a bunny. I'll just let that one sit with you, and enjoy it if you share my weird sense of humor.

Anywho, thank you for letting me share my news with you, along with my mom anecdotes. I look forward to sharing more home news soon. I hope you've all been enjoying your summer thus far! I'll be in touch.