We think we're funny

Yesterday was a fantastic prelude to the weekend. I lavished the time between work and getting John and spent it walking with my mom, shivering in their garden, and laughing at the child-like relationship my dad has with his dog. Then I got John, we squealed together in the car because we could officially see Friday on the threshold, and instead of reverting to bad habits of pizza eating or going to the store, we cooked the remaining pasta we had in the cupboard and ate a block of cheese while it boiled. We've been eating at our new table, which has mostly served as a catch-all for keys and other tidbits since we moved it in last weekend, but sitting on a bench together and eating food we actually made (emphasis on we, oh and also made too I guess) has created some really perfect evenings. Our house is getting chillier, and of course we haven't figured out how to turn the heat on yet (that's actually probably good for our bank account), and it's making our jokes extra funny. Or at least we think so. We've continued to binge on the office, despite how many times we've said "let's try that new show! it looks sooo funnaaay" and I'm totally ok with it. Even though I think I'm ruining my professional career as a result by explaining to everyone on a daily basis at work why the current conversation or environment is reminding me of a certain episode, aka basically being delusional. I write to you now as I'm scarfing down my almond butter toast pre-work and still staring at those flowers my mom sent me home with from the garden yesterday. John came out of the shower this morning (while walking around in his towel for a good ten minutes) and bellowed "IT IS SO COLD IN HERE! THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE!" I was like, I want to advise you that it'll be warmer once you put clothes on, but this is too hilarious for words. 

best friends

We're looking forward to a weekend of tiny shenanigans (my sister is turning 30! weird.) and also staying up late, sleeping in, probably eating apple fritters cause let's face it, I'm not holding out any longer, and hopefully a tiny dose of productivity too. I have to say, I'm wearing overalls and a sweater to work today, and that's something I never want to forsake. Thanks a lot, new job. Seriously. 

the comfortable barista. another ridiculous outfit i wore to work the other day.

the comfortable barista. another ridiculous outfit i wore to work the other day.

Thanks for coming by for a ramble such as this one. I love you guys. Talk soon.