"I do not understand the mystery of grace--only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us."  -Ann Lamott


Life's been just about that. Fast, aggressive, tireless, though tiring, expansive, temperate, and absolutely entirely full of grace. I sit here and write to you while digesting a giant quesadilla John brought over to me to eat for dinner while he cooks his large hunk of meat for himself..weird, definitely, but to me what embodies a gesture of great grace. My body currently feels marked by a unique combination of carpel tunnel, arthritis, and straight-up out-of-shape soreness. I've been working on a pretty demanding project at work (see below), and it's taken a great deal of my literal and mental energy. I cannot think of a kinder thing in this moment than to feed me a large portion of quesadilla. I love you, sir.


Photo above is actually an outtake/a project I proposed at work for our fall window displays. We are taking a different route now, and again I'm thankful for the grace shown to me in my rather unforgiving plunge into learning about the logistics behind constructing and executing displays. Nevertheless, I'll forever love the evening I spent in our driveway arranging logs, so that's what you're looking at here. Oh what a fun journey it is to let go of projects so close to your ego.


Speaking of displays, this past weekend we booked it to Boston after work on Friday. It was glorious, getting the heck out of town, especially after a particularly harried day at work, and so deeply delightful to spend some time seeing my mom's cousin and his wife (and their hilarious kids). They let us come crash with them with less than a week's notice and cooked like three meals for us in two days. Grace abounds, okay? Anywho, we made it to a cafe/bakery I've been stalking on social media for the last few months (Tatte, an incredible small chain exclusively Boston), and it inspired me to no end. The chandelier above (on the right) hung from its ceiling and I embarrassed John by taking like 15 photos of it. The place is deliciously branded too, so you better believe I stole all the literature I could for later inspiration.

The upper left photo is one from the previous weekend when we ventured downtown for some coffee after church, and John snapped me posing star-struck (apparently I want to be that embarrassing girl Beatles fan for the rest of my life) by the downtown cafe. It's so fun be associated with the best cup in town.


Some more shots of Boston. My documentation of anything possibly fall-looking and my strapping gentleman at one of my favorite places ever, Harvard Yard. So obsessed with IV League schools. Maybe someday..


Here are some weird somber photos I took the same weekend as our downtown adventure that are serving as a segway into updating you on my hair status. Imagine weird hair almost to the bottom of my ears. Yeah, it's kind of rough. But I'm pushing on. This hat doesn't hurt. It also helps in regard to choosing not to shower.


Fall is pretty much here. We're done traveling for a while. So ready to embrace getting this house more functional and an excuse to wear sweatpants and drink warm coffee. Friends are trickling in over the next couple months to visit. We are so lucky. Grace. Everywhere I see.